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My toy store experience

Hey guys! Because of this cool blog, I actually dropped by the toy store during this Christmas break. I was looking around and wow I felt like a kid again with my mommy. I wanted to buy so many toys! As I was looking around each section, my childhood started to flash right before my eyes. I saw the toys I used to play with like Polly Pocket, My Littlest Petshop, Barbie, Twister, and so much more. I passed by the section where they had Polly Pocket and My Littlest Petshop.

I was very disappointed.

The toy makers turned my favorite toys into scary things. They no longer look cute =( I wanted to cry. (Drama! Haha!) BUT WAIT I heard kids playing in one section with these colorful bears that looked so nice to hug. I was overjoyed to have seen the CARE BEARS. I ran to grab one CARE BEAR and hugged it. It was so lovable! I told my mom (and this is for real) “Ma, can I please buy one? Then she said it was expensive and (puhlees, I’m already 21 so I’m kinda old to have a stuffed toy like that). So then I said can I buy this cute purple Care Bear clip on and my mommy said yes! Oh the joy! the happiness! Here’s a picture to show you how cute and cuddly it looks.


I love it! And it’s my favorite color by the way.


December 31, 2006 at 5:04 pm 4 comments

Land Before Time

For reasons that I cannot comprehend, the nineties was about movies that involved dinosaurs. The 1991 tearjerker is about dinosaurs on the brink of extinction. I first encountered the movie in a film showing back in kindergarten. It was disheartening for a child to see an orphaned baby dinosaur separated from his grandparents. The song, “If We Hold On Together”, served as icing on the cake.


If you think you were made of stone before the movie, chances are, you’ll be molten rock at the end. After hearing, “Don’t lose your way/With each passing day/You’ve come so far/Don’t throw it away”, you’ll be struggling to keep your cheeks dry and your nose less runny.

December 29, 2006 at 9:30 am 11 comments

Dance Hits

You have to admit that once in your life, you danced to these tunes. Perhaps you organized a group to dance for that class Christmas party. Remember the steps? Single, single, double, double, that kind of thing.

Dance Hits

Kidswereus picks the following dance hits in the nineties:

· The Sign by Ace of Base

· Trouble by Shampoo

· Sweat (A-la-la-la-long) by Inner Circle

· Ging gang gooly by Unknown

· Lick It by 20 Fingers

· Lament No. 5 by Pizzicato 5

· My Boo by Ghosttown DJs

· No Diggity by Blackstreet

· Oh Carol by Neil Sedaka and Howard Green Field

· Boom Boom Shake Shake the Room

My personal favorite is the incomprehensible Lament No. 5 of the Japanese group, Pizzicato 5. The song goes, “do-doot, dooroodutdut, do-doot, dooroodutdut”. As I’ve said, the lyrics are difficult to understand.

December 28, 2006 at 3:10 am 309 comments

Page Me

            Beep Beep Beep Beep!!!

“Wait bro, my mom paged me and reminded me to call her later when I get home! This is just one of the cool lines one could ever utter during the elementary days. Having a pager/beeper was a feat at some point during our elementary days. Whether it was Easycall or PocketBell, it really didn’t matter as long as you had this really hip thing hanging on your belt, (but I think EasyCall was the better one).



I can still remember mine; it was a small pager with a transparent casing with a gold chain serving as its strap on device. Mine was also the envy of my classmates since it had more beeping tones and a mini game! Theirs didn’t!


Can anyone still remember how to page? Here’s how: Dial 141 or 114 (depending on your service provider) then the pager number then a call center agent would answer, you can now dictate your message! Remember short messages only! Having a pager also means that you also must have your handy fonkard or your pentagon shaped two peso coin so you can easily reply by calling the one who paged you! Ain’t it easy? By remembering the past, we learn to appreciate the things we have now that we normally take for granted such as the small rectangular thing we bring daily, our cell phones.

December 26, 2006 at 7:23 am 8 comments

Lois and Clark

Before there was the Lana and Clark love team on Smallville and Teri Hatcher was a Desperate Housewife, there was the Lois and Clark duo on The New Adventures of Superman. I used to watch this TV show when I was about in Grade 2 or 3, I think. It was a bit past my bedtime, but I’d still watch it anyway. I used to think that Lois was so dumb because she couldn’t recognize Clark as Superman. But now I realize what a boring series it would have been if she did! Haha! There’ll be more of these clips in the coming weeks, so watch for it!

December 25, 2006 at 10:20 pm Leave a comment

Sailor Moon

Sailor Soldiers

Life was ordinary for fourteen-year-old Usagi Tsukino until she finds herself communicating with a cat named Luna. The cat tells her of the rising power of the Dark Kingdom and how the world is about to be destroyed by it.

Usagi learns more about herself through the episodes and she gains more friends to fight alongside her. Her love interest in the series was also a fighter named Tuxedo Mask who is her boyfriend too when they are not battling the forces of evil.

The other Sailor fighters are:

· Sailor Mercury (Ami), the ‘smart and sweet’ genius of the group.

· Sailor Mars (Rei), slightly short-tempered and attends a Catholic private school.

· Sailor Jupiter (Makoto), the very tall tomboy who lives alone because her parents died in an airplane crash.

· Sailor Venus (Minako), acted on her own as Sailor V before joining the other Sailor Soldiers.

December 24, 2006 at 12:25 am 4 comments

Lost in Laughter (My Christmas Gift to Everyone)

Hahaha! I didn’t get this part when I was a kid. I just wanted to see Macaulay Culkin… But I broke out in laughter when I watched it a month ago! This is so hilarious! Probably the best part of Home Alone 2 (yes, I actually think that its better than when the two robbers get beaten up by a little kid.) Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

December 23, 2006 at 2:10 am 5 comments

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