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X-Men Favorites by taciturnwes

One of the best (if not the best) animated series ever made is the 90’s X-Men series. Vastly superior to the recent “Evolution” series, it baffles me to this day why they haven’t released decent DVD volumes of this classic Saturday morning fare, especially with the success of the movie trilogy. The stories, the action, the massively appealing characters all made this a series both kids and adults can appreciate. I to this day at the age of 23 can’t get enough of episodes I’ve seen dozens of times over the last decade and a half.

And my favorite entry in the series is…


Dark Phoenix Saga Parts 1-4

As the Phoenix entity in Jean’s body lingers on, a society of mutants and cyborgs called The Inner Circle intend to use that power by manipulating her through hallucinations. When that fails the Dark Phoenix emerges and becomes a threat to the entire galaxy. The X-Men must fight to save Jean’s life as the Shi’Ar Empire desires to destroy her to save the universe. This is by far the best adaption the series did of a story originally done by Chris Claremont in the comics. It’s literally like seeing the comic panels come to life, I especially enjoyed part 2, where we got to see Wolverine’s classic Dirty Harry speech word for word. Now true the ending in part 4 has been completely altered but that’s excusable when the rest of it is so well done. Absolutely the best.

With so many other fantastic episodes in the series, one can only hope that one day we’ll see complete season DVD boxsets released. Until then, however, I’ll have to keep perusing my eBay bootlegs.

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January 31, 2007 at 7:14 pm 8 comments

Extreme Candy

Remember the candy that had a very sour coating then the sour flavor fades after about 20 to 50 seconds?


The flavors inlcude Apple, Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Lemon and Watermelon.

warheads flavor 

January 31, 2007 at 12:28 pm 15 comments

Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank

The Lisa Frank Characters

  • Rainbow Chaser – a brown horse with purple hooves.
  • Hollywood Bear – a bear in a tuxedo and a top hat.
  • Panda Painter – a panda in overalls who paints things with a large paintbrush.
  • Ballerina Bunnies – three rabbits who dance ballet.
  • Max Splash – an orca whale.
  • Markie – a unicorn with rainbow mane and tale.
  • Roary – a polar bear.
  • Hunter – a young leopard.
  • Spotty and Dotty Paws – two dalmations with rainbow-colored spots.
  • Peekaboo – a turtle with hippie-style flowers on its shell.
  • Skye – a Pegasus-like flying horse.
  • Ruckus, Raider, and Risky – three St. Bernard puppies.
  • Casey – a golden retriver puppy.
  • Lisa, Cassie, Mara – Three girls who are best friends. They are some of Lisa Frank’s most popular characters
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    Disney Sing-Along: Aladin

    A Whole New World

    I can show you the world
    Shining, shimmering, splendid
    Tell me, princess, now when did
    You last let your heart decide?

    I can open your eyes
    Take you wonder by wonder
    Over, sideways and under
    On a magic carpet ride


    A whole new world
    A new fantastic point of view
    No one to tell us no
    Or where to go
    Or say we’re only dreaming


    A whole new world
    A dazzling place I never knew
    But when I’m way up here
    It’s crystal clear
    That now I’m in a whole new world with you
    Now I’m in a whole new world with you


    Unbelievable sights
    Indescribable feeling
    Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
    Through an endless diamond sky


    A whole new world
    Don’t you dare close your eyes
    A hundred thousand things to see
    Hold your breath – it gets better
    I’m like a shooting star
    I’ve come so far
    I can’t go back to where I used to be


    A whole new world
    Every turn a surprise
    With new horizons to pursue
    Every moment red-letter
    I’ll chase them anywhere
    There’s time to spare
    Let me share this whole new world with you


    A whole new world
    That’s where we’ll be
    A thrilling chase
    A wondrous place
    For you and me


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    Chips Ahoy

    Here’s a video sequel to our Lunchbox Treats: A List entry (see the December archive). Feast your eyes upon the chocolatiest cookie in town!

    January 31, 2007 at 12:54 am 6 comments


    Bad pun, bad pun. I meant BOP the magazine and not the song popularized by Hanson. The picture I included here was my first and last issue of BOP, the teenage magazine in the nineties.

    BOP cover1

    I used to go gaga over the free pinups of the teen stars. Of course back then in the mid-nineties when I was in the sixth or seventh grade the movies Clueless, Now and Then, Camp Nowhere, and Mighty Ducks were in VOGUE! Plus the TV shows Sabrina, Sweet Valley High, Moesha, and the Fresh Prince of Belair was deemed cool by the Cool Crowd. Wanting to be ‘in’ and not left behind, I rode the wave of watching foreign shows.

    As a teen, I used to have daydreams that starred Devon Sawa, Andrew Keegan, Luis Mendoza (that kid who can’t stop in Mighty Ducks 2), and Jonathan Jackson. All of them at one point of the daydream, had to profess their undying love for me. And we lived *ulp* happily ever after! Tsk, tsk, cheesiness abounds.

    I’m sure all you Kidswereus readers are smart enough to figure out why this magazine’s popularity waned. Won’t you join us in enumerating the why? The funniest and most creative wins!

    January 30, 2007 at 11:50 pm 5 comments

    Growing up with Boy Meets World.

    Who can remeber Boy Meets World? I remember watching Cory Matthews’ funny antics with his best friend Shawn Hunter and his girlfriend Topanga Lawrence.

    The show gives a humorous take on growing up unlike the tv series we have today that are so serious (e.g. The OC, One Tree Hill)! Well the show is focused mostly on how Cory copes with the issues of growing up -living with his family, getting good grades, getting along with his best friend and understanding the female species. To add a bit more “drama” of his life, is the character of Mr. Feeny -who somehow reminds me of Dennis the Menace’s grumpy neighbor Mr. Wilson. Hehe. Di ba?! Did you guys watch this show ba? Tell me what you guys think. 🙂

    Like i said earlier, the show is really a funny way of portraying how kids grow up. Its one of the shows na naka-line up na pinapanood namin noon sa I channel, Kids Club. Oh, the second video was the last episode of the series (i think…:/)

    January 30, 2007 at 9:34 pm 7 comments

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