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The Truth about Aroma Beads

I remember entering my classroom with some kindergarten classmates hovering over the windows while looking at a cotton ball with reverence. The cotton ball, I found out later, was used as an incubator to kisses beads.


One of my friends told me that our classmate was waiting for kisses to multiply.  Kisses was what we called colored aroma beads that we kids used to store in metal pencil cases. I usually saw it in green, pink, or blue.

According to the young kisses expert growers, you have to put them in twos or threes in a single cotton ball dipped in alcohol. You leave it alone for three days and when you come back for it, the beads have already reproduced.

Naturally I got curious about the kisses effect and tried it on my own and my little experiment yielded no success. I discovered that I was not born to breed…beads that is.


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