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Extreme fun with Watergun

Every kid during the 90’s had his or her own share of gunfights.

What? Yeah! Gunfights! WATER GUN FIGHTS! We just loved the thrill of hiding and shooting our opponents till they get soaked by our high-powered water guns!


During my younger days, I can still remember how me and my “playmates” bragged about how strong, big, and colorful our waterguns were! Unfortunate kids who had water pistols in a “water gun fight” were like poor defenseless lambs sent in a den of lions. Just imagine how they got soaked with the big water guns and how they ran home to their mommies (and got spanked because they were soaking wet).


March 8, 2007 at 9:29 am 15 comments


Mr. Bogus…eeew.

You guys still remember the yellow gremlin-like creature living in the walls of the suburban home of Tommy Anybody?? Its MR. BOGUS!! This wacky character surfed around and fought the “dust bunnies” in Tommy’s kitchen or in Mr. Bogus’ alternate world called the “Bogusland”! Wacky ain’t it?

He’s like today’s Spongebob. Methinks.

February 23, 2007 at 1:34 am 35 comments


TAKORE is the famous whistling kettle that could be used as a time machine. This showed aired in the late 1980s in Japan and was shown in the Philippines in the early 90s.

The Takore is controlled by the infamous Abdullah, an obsessive-compulsive man, wishes to use the whistling kettle for his evil intentions. Abdullah is constantly challenged by a boy and girl who relentlessly trails Abdullah to snatch “TAKORE” from him!


February 9, 2007 at 1:03 am 16 comments

Glico’s by Ron

Awesome rides, exciting video games, and a great eexperience…you guys still remember that ultra cool and ultra fun place at the Glorietta named Glico’s? Yeah, that’s right! That place where most of us grew up playing and enjoying the former amusement/thempark inside a mall. Glico’s was one of the places where kids during that time would literally enjoy themselves. The trademark of Glico’s was its school bus and the mini roller coaster. The coaster was small but riding it still gives you goosebumps. The arcade area was also an attraction for teenagers and kids alike.

Glico’s Logo

Another memorable thing about Glico’s was that cool drink with dry ice and a fancy straw. Almost every kid in Glico’s would be seen holding this fun drink. Of course Glico’s has now closed down. I think Timezone has replaced Glico’s in a way. Some malls in the Philippines continue the Glico’s tradition by having amusement parks in malls. The names that come to mind are Whimsy’s and Robinson’s Dreamscape.


February 2, 2007 at 9:49 pm 14 comments

Page Me

            Beep Beep Beep Beep!!!

“Wait bro, my mom paged me and reminded me to call her later when I get home! This is just one of the cool lines one could ever utter during the elementary days. Having a pager/beeper was a feat at some point during our elementary days. Whether it was Easycall or PocketBell, it really didn’t matter as long as you had this really hip thing hanging on your belt, (but I think EasyCall was the better one).



I can still remember mine; it was a small pager with a transparent casing with a gold chain serving as its strap on device. Mine was also the envy of my classmates since it had more beeping tones and a mini game! Theirs didn’t!


Can anyone still remember how to page? Here’s how: Dial 141 or 114 (depending on your service provider) then the pager number then a call center agent would answer, you can now dictate your message! Remember short messages only! Having a pager also means that you also must have your handy fonkard or your pentagon shaped two peso coin so you can easily reply by calling the one who paged you! Ain’t it easy? By remembering the past, we learn to appreciate the things we have now that we normally take for granted such as the small rectangular thing we bring daily, our cell phones.

December 26, 2006 at 7:23 am 8 comments


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