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The Tick

One of the amusing superheroes of the 90s was The Tick. I used to watch it on RPN 9 with my brother (who introduced me to the show), we’d always laugh at this superhero’s antics and depth (yes! he talks about stuff that are somewhat not what you get from the typical superhero). The show was great because it was something different from all the spiderman/woman, batman and superman cartoons proliferating the tv stations back then. In case you guys kinda have no idea what I’m talking about (nooooooo!) or have forgotten who this guy is, watch the video! Its hilarious!


March 15, 2007 at 10:42 pm 3 comments



Ok, hold your horses people! I’m pretty sure you know who Arthur is (i.e. if you have cable and all – i channel). This was one of my favorite shows because it just tells you what a kid goes through during his childhood. Fighting with your siblings (and getting along with them!), having friends, fitting in school, raising parents (hehe!), and just dealing with whatever kids deal with! In the show all of the characters were animals, can u guys identify what types of animals were there (without using Google ah!)?

Well, that’s kinda hard. Since I wouldn’t know either. Hehe. But I really loved this show. 🙂

March 15, 2007 at 10:30 pm 13 comments

Captain Planet: Pollution 0

One of the “coolest” shows back then for me (I’m a bit of a nerd, so forgive me. Haha.) was Captain Planet. He comes alive through the use of the rings of 5 kids who care about the planet. The rings were given by Gaia, she’s like the mother nature or something (but the name actually came from Greek mythology).

Anyhoo, the contrabidas who, aside from the usual contrabida hulabaloos (stealing/kidnapping/etc), are also somewhat obssessed with ruining the earth (pollution/poaching/etc).

What’s funny though is that, Captain Planet fights the pollution but its also what makes him weak. He needs the help of the 5 kids to save him whenever he gets into contact with pollution. Thinking about it now, the show was actually teaching the kids (that’s us!) that in order to get something done right, people like us need to help too and not just rely on some superhero! Though I don’t think it actually it made any difference, some things (the bad ones pa) are still there. Hmm. Anywaaaay, I really liked the ending song of the show also! Nakaka-LSS din, just like the one from Denver the Last Dinosaur.

March 11, 2007 at 10:40 pm 12 comments

Jelly Shoes

Right before the Havaianas slippers sensation hit the Philippine market, we were overtook with joy with this special fashion must-have.

It was squishy, shiny, and pretty to look at.

jelly shoes

‘Lo and behold, the jelly sandals. I myself owned a pair (in mermaid green, no less). In the nineties, these were matched with bootleg jeans or with skorts . I have a theory that the jelly shoe manufacturers have recycled this jelly phenomenon and has turned a dying business to something interesting: Crocs.

March 9, 2007 at 11:27 pm 30 comments

Extreme fun with Watergun

Every kid during the 90’s had his or her own share of gunfights.

What? Yeah! Gunfights! WATER GUN FIGHTS! We just loved the thrill of hiding and shooting our opponents till they get soaked by our high-powered water guns!


During my younger days, I can still remember how me and my “playmates” bragged about how strong, big, and colorful our waterguns were! Unfortunate kids who had water pistols in a “water gun fight” were like poor defenseless lambs sent in a den of lions. Just imagine how they got soaked with the big water guns and how they ran home to their mommies (and got spanked because they were soaking wet).

March 8, 2007 at 9:29 am 15 comments

Denver The Last Dino!

Hey Guys! Do you remember that dinosaur which plays the guitar?! Haha. I have to say that this show was one of my favorites, just because of the hypnotic song. It was soo catchy and cute that it makes you wanna watch kasi parang “anong kwento nito?“, and also kasi walang ibang okay na show. Hmm. I bet you all remember the song! Do you guys know the whole lyrics?

March 6, 2007 at 4:08 pm 7 comments


It was a teenage thrill to answer and read through autographs. I myself owned two or three kinds back in elementary. It was fun to read through secrets and watching people divulge information about themselves.

In reality, autographs were my scheme (yes, I was a scheming school girl) to get to know the boys in my grade who were cute. At that time of course, I thought that autographs were a subtle way of asking a person about his personal life.

The first signees of my autograph book would be of course, my nearest and dearest friends. They would willingly allow me to violate their privacy. We had an unspoken agreement that I would ask my friends’ crushes to sign while they get my crush to do the same. What happens after the swapping of information is that the boys would accidentally-on-purpose read who likes who. And that’s where the fun begins.

Would you care to sign this autograph?


Americanized slambook, Filipinized autograph





Favorite color:

Favorite food:

Movies you like:

Music you like:


Favorite saying:



Most embarrassing moment:

Describe love:

Describe your ideal mate:

Who is your first love?

Name of the person you like:

Future dreams, aspirations:


March 3, 2007 at 7:39 pm 23 comments

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